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Molecular Microbe Identification without Cultivation

Molzym provides microbial identification services for pre-clinical and clinical studies as well as for academic research projects. Based on the SepsiTest™ technology platform, Molzym provides culture-independent, ultra-sensitive microbial detection and identification services. The unique SepsiTest™ platform allows for direct identification of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) from various sample types including:
  • Primary body fluids like blood, CSF, BAL, synovial fluid
  • Tissues like heart valves, blood vessels, liver, bones, abscesses
  • Smear like biofilm, pus, sputum


Technologies and Tools:

Molzym’s Clinical Services can identify more than 7,300 microbial species on the grounds of our proprietary quality-controlled database ( of 16S and 18S rRNA gene sequences of bacteria, yeasts and other pathogenic fungi, respectively.

Case Study:

A US university studied the effect of antibiotic misuse on nosocomial bloodstream infections in African hospitals. Due to antibiotic pre-treatment many conventional blood cultures led to too many false-negative results. Molzym provided validated sample storage tubes (UMD-Tubes), and blood samples were shipped to Molzym where culture-independent bacterial and fungal identification was performed.
The results from this study showed that the true rate of nosocomial bloodstream infections was nearly twice as high as it was assumed based on conventional blood culture data.


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