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Trends in Molecular Diagnostics


AppNote 2 18

Nr. 2/18: Application Note:

SepsiTest™-UMD - Infective Endocarditis - Value of 16S/18S Broad-Range rDNA Diagnosis of Pathogens

MicroDx Clin pic

Nr. 1/18: Application Note:

MicroDx™ - Clinical Evaluation

SepsiTest UMD pic

Nr. 2/17: Application Note:

SepsiTest-UMD™ - Single Protocol Direct Molecular Diagnosis of Pathogens in Diverse Samples

MicroDX pic30

Nr. 1/17: Application Note:

Micro-Dx™ – Automation of Microbial DNA Extraction in Direct Molecular Pathogen Diagnosis

Micro Dx Article PPC 2016


Micro-Dx™ - Culture-Independent Diagnosis by Pathogen Enrichment

umd 2015

Nr. 3/15: Application Note:

UMD-Universal - Molecular Diagnosis of Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens in Clinical Material by Broad-Range PCR and Sequencing

lab phys pic2

Nr. 2/12: Background – Laboratory Diagnostics:

Direct Eubacterial PCR Diagnosis of Primary Sterile Body Fluids and Tissues

orthop en pic2

Nr. 1/12: Application Note: 

SepsiTest™ – Culture-Independent Molecular Diagnosis of Bacterial and Fungal Infections of Joints and Bones