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Molecular Diagnostics
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SepsiTest™-UMD: Unbiased rDNA PCR Pathogen Diagnosis

05 November 2018

Rapid pathogen detection is essential for timely patient treatment. In contrast to culture, molecular methods provide results within hours. Molzym’s highly sensitive approach combines a unique DNA extraction technique with 16S and 18S rRNA gene PCR and amplicon sequencing for the identification of bacterial and fungal infections. See how it works.

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Pathogen DNA Isolation
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Optimal DNA Extraction for Molecular Pathogen Analysis

24 October 2018

Direct molecular diagnosis of pathogens is a helpful adjunct to culturing. An important factor influencing assay performance is the isolation of microbial DNA. Notable differences in Real-Time PCR assay sensitivity were observed with DNAs extracted from mock blood samples of bacteria and yeast using 7 manual and 3 automated DNA isolation kits.

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DNA-free Reagents
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Reagent Contaminations in Microbiome Analysis

11 October 2018

Structures of microbial communities can be distorted by reagent contaminations, especially in samples with low microbial loads as the placenta. Leon et al. used 16S targeted amplicon sequencing to examine the impact of potential contaminations on the microbiome analysis of spontaneous preterm, non-spontaneous preterm and term delivered placenta.

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Molecular Diagnostics

16S rDNA PCR Diagnosis of Bacterial Pyomyositis

02 October 2018

Pyomyositis is a bacterial infection of skeletal muscles, and antibiotic treatment leads to delayed or negative culture results. Gabas et al. [3] identified bacteria in all 10 patients by 16S rDNA PCR and sequencing, while culture was positive with 4 patients only. Antibiotic treatment was changed in all cases resulting in 90% recovery of patients. 

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Infective Endocarditis - 16S/18S rDNA Diagnosis

Vol 5/2018

Standard diagnosis of infective endocarditis (IE) is based on blood culturing which is limited by its high false negative rate. 16S/18S broad-range rDNA PCR analysis has a higher positivity due to, among others, the detection of mixed infections and fastidious organisms. The recent newsletter focusses on new results from IE comparative studies.

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Pathogen DNA Isolation
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Remove Host DNA and Use Your Validated Extraction System!

10 September 2018

In pathogen diagnosis, establishment of DNA extraction systems needs extensive validation processes. Usually, the eluate contains a mixture of microbial and human DNA, whereby the latter negatively influences downstream analysis, especially at low load samples. Molzym’s MolYsis™ Basic kits deplete human DNA in samples prior to standard DNA extraction.

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New Solutions for 16S Metagenomic Sequencing

Vol 4/2018

Are you using next generation sequencing and looking for reagents and methods for infection diagnosis by microbiome analysis? The new NGSeq 16S V3/V4 is a master mix for the Amplicon PCR as part of the library preparation for 16S metagenomic sequencing with Illumina® MiSeq system. Discover its benefits and learn about other helpful methods.

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Report on the 2nd Conference on Clinical Metagenomics

13 August 2018

Metagenomic sequencing is used to recover information regarding clinically relevant infections. In their report, Ruppé & Schrenzel summarise last year’s 2nd International Conference on Clinical Metagenomics (ICCMg2). This post focusses on the current status, experiences, diagnostic use and clinical impact of sample treatment.

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Molecular Diagnostics
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Diagnosis of Culture-Negative Infective Endocarditis

03 August 2018

Identification of aetiologies of infective endocarditis is crucial for initiation of targeted antibiotic treatment and patient outcome, but culture often fails. Marsch and his colleagues analysed 46 heart valves with negative or inconsistent culture results by 16S/18S rDNA PCR. In 7 patients, PCR results led to the change of the antibiotic regime.

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Molzym Inside
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Visit Molzym at the AACC Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL

23 July 2018

The 70th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo is the largest global scientific conference in laboratory medicine. Molzym will be exhibiting their innovative products for rapid culture-independent molecular diagnosis of microbes focussing on unique solutions for microbial DNA enrichment from clinical specimens and DNA-free PCR assays.

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Molecular Diagnostics
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Unbiased PCR and Sequencing of Blood Stream Infections

18 July 2018

Rapid diagnosis of sepsis pathogens is crucial for an early targeted antibiotic treatment and improved outcome of patients. Blood culture needs days until pathogen identification and often stays negative. Tkadlec et al. discuss the pros and cons of broad-range 16S rDNA PCR and sequencing on the basis of blood sample results of 330 patients.

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Molzym Inside
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EU-Funded Project on Invasive Fungal Disease Detection

06 July 2018

Invasive fungal disease is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in immuno-compromised patients. In a FP7 project of the European Commission, Molzym partners with 5 institutions from 4 countries to develop and evaluate in multi-centre clincial studies fast DNA, enzymatic and protein-based assays.

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SelectNA™plus - Robotic Pathogen DNA Extraction System

27 June 2018

SelectNA™plus is the ‘Selective extraction of microbial Nucleic Acids’ from mixtures including host and microbial cells providing a ‘plus’ benefit by walk-away automated processing of clinical samples. This highly enriched microbial DNA guarantees highest analytical performance in research and routine diagnosis.

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Molzym Inside
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Molzym - 15 Years Expertise in Molecular Diagnostics

15 June 2018

Molzym turns 15 years this month. Over the years, Molzym won reputation as a specialist in the fast molecular diagnosis of microbial pathogens without the need of cultivation. Our expertise in unique DNA extraction solutions and the supply of DNA-free amplification reagents supports the standardisation of qPCR, gene clone library and NGS assaying.

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Molzym Inside

Molzym Partners EU-Funded Project on Fast Pathogen ID

06 June 2018

Molzym partners EU Horizon 2020 project “Fast Assay for Pathogen Identification and Characterization” (FAPIC). Ten members from 7 countries joined to develop and clinically evaluate fast molecular assays for the identification of bacterial pathogens. Health system-relevant issues led to the prototyping of new automated diagnostic systems.

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Pathogen DNA Isolation
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Applications of MolYsis™

29 May 2018

Remove your host DNA for increased sensitivity for detection of microbes in a great variety of specimens. Here, we provide a collection of applications of MolYsis™ sample pre-treatment in combination with various analytical methods, including next generation sequencing, PCR and Real-time PCR, DNA arrays and amplicon cloning.

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Pathogen DNA Isolation
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One Protocol for Preparation of Bacterial and Fungal DNA

24 May 2018

Efficient cell destruction is a key problem of microbial DNA isolation. As a component of Molzym's DNA extraction kits, the BugLysis reagent ensures degradation of the very different cell walls among prokaryotes and fungi. The high efficiency of BugLysis becomes obvious when considering that 1,330 species have been identified in studies and assaying so far.

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