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DNA-Free Hot MolTaq 16S/18S: Low Load Microbial DNA Detection

09 April 2018  

63066900 s PCR Platte quadrThe PCR-based analysis of low load bacterial and fungal DNA demands a Taq DNA polymerase that is highly active over extended cycle numbers, and at the same time free of contaminating microbial DNA.
In this application note, Linow [1] provides an overview of the specifications of Molzym’s newly developed Hot MolTaq 16S/18S. Discussed characters cover the amplification activity over 40 cycles against different target amounts, suppression of non-specific amplifications and the absence of microbial contaminations in negative controls.


Further, a comparative study of Molzym’s Hot MolTaq 16S/18S with other hot start Taq DNA polymerases declared as low contaminated is shown.

[1] Linow M (2017) Hot MolTaq 16S/18S – DNA-Free Hot Start Taq for Bacterial and Fungal PCR Detection at Low Loads. Research in Molecular Microbiology 2/17, 1-2.
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