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Pathogen DNA Isolation

Learn more about Molzym’s proprietary technology of human DNA removal and microbial DNA isolation for accurate, culture-independent molecular analysis of bacteria and fungi. Information is supplied regarding technology, new developments and the versatile applications in clinical research and diagnostics.

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Microbiome analysis is an emerging, continuously developing and growing field in research and clinical diagnosis. Qualitative and quantitative deep sequencing of microbial communities needs standardisation in pre-analytical DNA isolation and amplification. Follow latest developments here.

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Molzym’s SelectNA™plus platform enables the automated processing of a diversity of clinical materials, including tissue biopsies and body fluids. Learn how the robotic human DNA removal and microbial DNA isolation system works at place and learn more about technical details and selected applications in pathogen diagnosis.

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DNA-Free Reagents

Contamination of PCR reagents is a major problem of sensitive and accurate detection of microbial pathogens from low microbial load specimens. Find out more about the wide range of applications of Molzym’s highly active and DNA-free Taq polymerases, 16S and 18S PCR tests and master mixes for custom assays.

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Molecular Diagnostics

Find out the benefit of culture-independent diagnosis of bacterial and fungal pathogens. We keep you informed about major issues including routine diagnostic performance and clinical presentation in comparison to culture and other in-house standards. Identification of culture-negative infections is a well-recognised character of molecular diagnosis.

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We are pleased to update you with latest news on molecular microbiology and pathogen diagnostics. For this, Molzym edits a series of newsletters that appear regularly over the year. Application notes and whitepapers inform on trends in methodology and clinical aspects of molecular pathogen diagnosis in more detail. It is worth taking a closer look!

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Molzym Inside

Get inside views on the company and learn more about the many-faceted work carried out in Bremen, Germany. Here we provide insights in our research and into new developments of products and their applications. Further, we share information on recent collaborations and our appearances and presentations at congresses.                                                                                                                                                            

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