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SelectNAplus 142x142

SelectNA™plus - Robotic Pathogen DNA Extraction System

27 June 2018

SelectNA™plus is the ‘Selective extraction of microbial Nucleic Acids’ from mixtures including host and microbial cells providing a ‘plus’ benefit by walk-away automated processing of clinical samples. This highly enriched microbial DNA guarantees highest analytical performance in research and routine diagnosis.

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SelectNAplus quadr

Automated Microbial DNA Enrichment in Clinical Routine

30 April 2018

Micro-Dx™ combines automated pathogen enrichment and DNA extraction with broad-range PCR and sequencing ID of species. A multi-centre analysis of 409 routine samples of tissues, fluids and swabs indicated acceptable diagnostic performance in comparison to other molecular tests and culture. Additional pathogens could be identified by Micro-Dx™.

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5273092 m heart Valve quadr

Automated Enrichment of Pathogen DNA from Heart Valves

16 April 2018

The SelectNA™plus robot with DNA-free Micro-Dx™ kit reagents (SNP) enriches pathogens and isolates microbial DNA from specimens automatically. In this post, a 16S/18S PCR and sequencing analysis of heart valves and other biopsies from 52 infectious endocarditis patients is discussed. SNP found substantially more relevant pathogens than culture.

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