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Molecular Diagnostics

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SepsiTest™-UMD: Unbiased rDNA PCR Pathogen Diagnosis

05 November 2018
Rapid pathogen detection is essential for timely patient treatment. In contrast to culture, molecular methods provide results within hours. Molzym’s highly sensitive approach combines a unique DNA extraction technique with 16S and 18S rRNA gene PCR and amplicon sequencing for the identification of bacterial and fungal infections. See how it works.
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16S rDNA PCR Diagnosis of Bacterial Pyomyositis

02 October 2018
Pyomyositis is a bacterial infection of skeletal muscles, and antibiotic treatment leads to delayed or negative culture results. Gabas et al. [3] identified bacteria in all 10 patients by 16S rDNA PCR and sequencing, while culture was positive with 4 patients only. Antibiotic treatment was changed in all cases resulting in 90% recovery of patients.
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Diagnosis of Culture-Negative Infective Endocarditis

03 August 2018
Identification of aetiologies of infective endocarditis is crucial for initiation of targeted antibiotic treatment and patient outcome, but culture often fails. Marsch and his colleagues analysed 46 heart valves with negative or inconsistent culture results by 16S/18S rDNA PCR. In 7 patients, PCR results led to the change of the antibiotic regime.
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Unbiased PCR and Sequencing of Blood Stream Infections

18 July 2018
Rapid diagnosis of sepsis pathogens is crucial for an early targeted antibiotic treatment and improved outcome of patients. Blood culture needs days until pathogen identification and often stays negative. Tkadlec et al. discuss the pros and cons of broad-range 16S rDNA PCR and sequencing on the basis of blood sample results of 330 patients.
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Culture-Independent Molecular Diagnosis in Routine

11 April 2018
SepsiTest™-UMD uses rDNA PCR and sequencing analysis to identify pathogenic bacteria and fungi from uncultured clinical material. Bacterial pathogens from 160 genera within 8 phyla have been identified in studies. SepsiTest™-UMD reflects an unbiased approach of culture diagnosis but is faster and more comprehensive by detecting non-growing pathogens.
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