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Special Edition on the Occasion of ECCMID 2018

17 April 2018
In this special newsletter we highlight some noteworthy presentations on this year's ECCMID. Don't miss out the new developments in 16S metagenomics, diagnostic approaches in bacterial bloodstream infections and in innovations in molecular pathogen detection. Stop by our booth #159 and explore our portfolio of products.

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Diversity of Pathogens in 16S rDNA Routine Diagnosis

Vol 3/2018
Two case reports address the added value of broad-range 16S rDNA PCR in pathogen diagnosis. In case 1, standard methods were negative while PCR identified a pathogen. In case 2, an unusual bacterial pathogen was identified by PCR. Read also an application note on the benefits of culture-independent diagnosis of pathogens in daily routine.
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Whole Genome Sequencing in Routine Infection Diagnosis

Vol 2/2018
In this newsletter, we focus on the application of whole genome sequencing for pathogen detection in clinical routine and the challenges coming along with it. Three featured publications discuss, among others, the impact of DNA extraction, the problem of microbial contaminations of reagents and the need for improved resolution and standardisation.
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Micro-Dx™ Received CE IVD Marking

Vol 1/2018
Our latest development, Micro-Dx™, received CE mark for in vitro diagnostics. Micro-Dx™ comprises automated pathogen DNA enrichment from clinical material on the SelectNA™plus robot together with 16S/18S rDNA amplification and sequencing analysis. Results of multi-sites evaluations by routine labs are summarised in an application note.
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