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Report on the 2nd Conference on Clinical Metagenomics

13 August 2018

Metagenomic sequencing is used to recover information regarding clinically relevant infections. In their report, Ruppé & Schrenzel summarise last year’s 2nd International Conference on Clinical Metagenomics (ICCMg2). This post focusses on the current status, experiences, diagnostic use and clinical impact of sample treatment.

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Standardised Method for Infection Diagnosis with NGS

08 May 2018

In a poster presentation at this year’s ECCMID congress, Edelmann et al. [1] compared 4 DNA extraction kits and the influence of human DNA removal for use in microbiome analysis. Additionally, two master mixes were tested for bacterial DNA contamination. An efficient workflow towards a standardised use of NGS in infection diagnosis was proposed.

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Comparison of Microbial DNA Enrichment Tools for WGS

27 April 2018

In most clinical samples, human DNA outnumbers the amount of pathogen DNA. Therefore, pathogen analysis with metagenomic whole genome sequencing (MWGS) is often limited by unspecific primer binding to human sequences. Read a comparison study of two commercial kits with respect to their enrichment of microbial DNA and effect on MWGS.

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NGS Analysis of Pathogens in Broncho-Alveolar-Lavage

12 April 2018
Whole-metagenome sequencing generates vast non-target reads at a high host to bacterial DNA relation in some clinical samples. The removal of host DNA increases the reads and coverage of bacterial sequences. Read a summary of an exemplary publication showing the benefits of host DNA removal and how it can positively affect your NGS results.

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