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Pathogen DNA Isolation
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Applications of MolYsis™

29 May 2018
Remove your host DNA for increased sensitivity for detection of microbes in a great variety of specimens. Here, we provide a collection of applications of MolYsis™ sample pre-treatment in combination with various analytical methods, including next generation sequencing, PCR and Real-time PCR, DNA arrays and amplicon cloning.

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One Protocol for Preparation of Bacterial and Fungal DNA

24 May 2018
Efficient cell destruction is a key problem of microbial DNA isolation. As a component of Molzym's DNA extraction kits, the BugLysis reagent ensures degradation of the very different cell walls among prokaryotes and fungi. The high efficiency of BugLysis becomes obvious when considering that 1,330 species have been identified in studies and assaying so far.

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MolYsis™ Host DNA Removal – Effect on Pathogen Analysis

09 April 2018
In clinical specimens with low microbial load, host DNA at large excess negatively influences amplification of target pathogen DNA. This contribution guides through Molzym’s MolYsis™ technology of host DNA removal in front of microbial DNA extraction systems. The positive effect of host DNA removal on molecular analysis is discussed.

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