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Molecular Pathogen Detection and Identification


Manual kits:

- SepsiTestTM-UMD CE IVD  - diagnosis of pathogens from up to 1ml fluid and tissue samples

- Add-on 10 CE IVD - human DNA removal and enrichment of microorganisms from up to 10 ml samples; combinable with SepsiTest™-UMD CE IVD

Automated equipment and kits:

- SelectNATMplus - robot for the fully automated enrichment of pathogens and pathogen DNA isolation from fluids and tissues

Micro-DxTM (research use only) - kit for the broad-range diagnosis of clincial material using the SelectNATMplus robot

- MolYsis-SelectNATMplus (research use only) - kit for the enrichment and extraction of pathogen DNA; combinable with custom assays

- UMD-SelectNATM CE-IVD - kit for the semi-automated extraction of microbial DNA from fluid, swab and tissue samples; to be used with Liaison® Ixt (Diasorin), Arrow® (Nordiag), Seeprep12TM (Seegene), GenoXtract® (Hain Lifescience)


- SepsiTestTM-BLAST - free online tool for the identification of microorganisms

Sample storage:

UMD-Tubes - DNA-free containers for the deep freeze-storage of liquid clinical samples for subsequent molecular analysis


Products were evaluated with diverse clinical material, including

• Whole blood - cerebrospinal fluid - ascites fluid - joint aspirates - synovial fluid - urine and other

 Abscesses - liver and other organ biopsies - swabs - heart valves and other soft tissues



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