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Microbe Differentiation

SepsiTest™ BLAST

Species identification on the grouds of positive test results with CE IVD kits, SepsiTest™-UMD, UMD-SelectNA™ and Micro-Dx™ is achieved by sequencing analysis of amplicons. SepsiTest™ BLAST is Molzym's customer friendly tool that supplies a clear output of species designation. The tool relies on edited entries of complete rRNA genes of exclusively cultured microorganisms, including 16S rRNA genes of >7,000 bacteria and 18S rRNA genes of >300 strains of Candida spp., Cryptococcus spp. and Aspergillus spp. For a fast overview and your search for particular organisms, we offer an alphabetical sorted list of all SepsiTest™ BLAST entries within an Excel file - open/download.


 Click for a free access to the SepsiTest™ BLAST homepage.


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