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Sequence Identification

Sequence analysis is the ultimate solution for the precise identification of pathogens detected by SepsiTest™-UMD and automated systems UMD-SelectNA™ and Micro-Dx™ in samples. Molzym supplies a free online tool, SepsiTest™ BLAST, that uses >7,000 sequence-edited entries of cultured strains of bacterial, Candida, Cryptococcus and Aspergillus species.

Click here to freely access to the SepsiTest™ BLAST homepage.

Sequencing by SeqGN 16S / SeqGP 16S

The set of primer SeqGN 16S / SeqGP 16 are needed for the sequencing analysis of MA Bac PCR products to identify bacteria DNA. The oligonucleotide SeqGN 16S  is homologous to conserved regions of the 16S rRNA gene of mostly Gram-negative bacteria and the oligonucleotide SeqGP 16S  is homologous to conserved regions of the 16S rRNA gene of mostly Gram-positive bacteria. Exceptions are listed here.

Other related products:

  • SepsiTest™-UMD (CE IVD) - PCR/Real-Time PCR analysis of diverse clinical material
  • UMD-SelcectNA (CE IVD) - semi-automated DNA extraction and PCR/Real-Time PCR analysis of whole blood and other body fluids, tissues and swabs
  • Micro-Dx™   – full automated pathogen DNA extraction from a wide range of specimens, including sterile body fluids, swabs and tissues, and the PCR/Real-Time PCR detection and sequence analysis of bacteria and fungi. Used with the SelectNA™plus instrument.


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