Molecular Diagnostics and Services

Molzym offers a variety of products for the culture-independent and rapid molecular analysis of the microbial etiologies of diseases, including, among others sepsis, infectious endocarditis, joint infections, ascites, peritonitis and bacterial meningitis.

Tools and Services for Detection and Identification of Microbial Pathogens



Manual Molecular Diagnosis

SepsiTest™-UMD Kit CE IVD
Highly sensitive and rapid identification of bacteria and fungi in whole blood, CSF, BAL, tissues, biopsies, swabs, aspirates.




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  • SelectNA™plus - automated walk-away pathogen enrichment and DNA extraction from tissue, blood and other body fluids
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SelectNAplus Instrument 203 Sepsitest


Automated Molecular Diagnosis

SelectNA™plus Robot 
Walk-away instrument for the extraction of microbial DNA from clinical specimens.

Micro-Dx™ Kit CE IVD  
Unique fully automated microbe enrichment and DNA extraction combined with broad-range PCR analysis of bacteria and fungi.

MolYsis™-SelectNA™plus Kit (for research use only)
Walk-away automated microbe enrichment and DNA extraction. Combinable with custom assays (PCR, NGS).




UMD-SelectNA™ Kit CE IVD
Partially automated pathogen DNA isolation and PCR/Real-Time PCR analysis of pathogens from whole blood and other primary body fluids, tissues and swabs.

SelectNA Blood Pathogen Kit
Partially automated pathogen DNA extraction from whole blood, other body fluids, tissues and swabs for customized PCR/Real-Time PCR analysis.



Pathogen identification and assay development services.




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