Molecular Pathogen Diagnosis

Systemic and other microbial infections

SepsiTest™-UMD CE IVD - originates from formerly SepsiTest™ (blood diagnosis) and UMD-Universal (other materials) and combines strengths of both kits to an optimized solution for the in-vitro diagnosis of pathogens in very diverse materials, including:

- Whole blood, CSF, BAL, sputum, synovial aspirates, ascites fluid, peritoneal aspirates, pus, blood culture

- Tissues biopsies, including abscesses, bones, organs, heart valves, biopsies, stents, pacemakers and others

- Swabs from wounds, organs, bones, prostheses teeth and others.

Add-On10 CE IVD is the add-on kit to SepsiTestTM-UMD CE IVD for the human DNA depletion from up to 10ml body fluids.


Other related products:

Micro-Dx™ CE IVD - kit for the fully automated pathogen DNA extraction and broad-range 16S/18S rDNA plus sequencing analysis

MolYsis-SelectNATMplus - completely automated bacterial and fungal DNA extraction for custom assaying

SelectNATMplus - robot operating fully automated pathogen DNA extraction

UMD-SelectNATM - semi-automated pathogen DNA extraction kit


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